W192 Redevelopment Plan Catalyst Site

The Roomba site’s proposed master plan program takes an underutilized 6.78-acre site and transforms it into a
tourism destination. In order to address the goals of both property owner and the W192 Redevelopment Plan,
the public frontage along the site will implement walkable TOD design elements, and enhanced pedestrian
connections to the Corridor’s BRT network. Enhanced landscaping and walkways will provide seamless,
walkable access to Old Town, Fun Spot, and housing.

Guest housing will be comprised of two 7-story flag hotels boasting approximately 140 rooms apiece. The hotels will frame a 46,500 square foot entertainment plaza, which creates a sense of place with a public light show projected onto the plaza’s surface, surrounded by comfortable seating areas.

The plaza will serve as the transition zone between the hotels and nearby commercial and
entertainment establishments. The site provides approximately 350 parking spaces, with access points along
W192 that have been consolidated to allow for a better pedestrian and public transit experience. This site will
serve as an example of the W192 Vision, and as a catalyst for additional redevelopment and enhancement of
neighboring properties, and other sites along this Corridor.

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