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Community Approach

CTN Developments orchestrates the whole development process from the initial conceptual design all the way to construction and occupancy. CTN has the ability to manage each step in-house enabling us to set a high benchmark for both quality and efficiency while keeping community integration as a priority.


Quality + Affordability

CTN has developed a team of creative professionals that strives to meet the ever changing landscape of the real estate industry. Our proactive group has created innovative solutions to deliver sustainable and affordable communities while maintaining our commitment to quality.


Environmental Sustainability

Here at CTN Developments, a common goal we have for all of our developments is to minimize our environmental footprint whenever possible. We focus on efficiency and environmental sustainability throughout the construction process while incorporating cutting edge smart building technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. 

Our Skills & Expertise

CTN Developments builds with a passion, creating vibrant communities. We look beyond the cement and steel to also focus on the social, cultural and economic infrastructures to establish a sense of diversity. This commitment has been an essential part of CTN Developments' corporate philosophy.

CTN Developments is a privately owned residential and commercial real estate development firm. Our activities span the entire real estate spectrum and include land acquisition, planning and design, construction, marketing, sales and property management.

CTN Developments has taken a lead position in developing sustainable communities where the design respects the land and where homes leave a reduced footprint on the environment. To this end, we have incorporated sustainable features into home designs that result in improved energy savings and efficiency, which can all contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Residential Development
Commercial Development
Construction Management

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